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29/01/2016 6 Comment(s)

Wyedean has worked on various projects with the UK Army Cadets since 2012, and 2015 saw the release of the first Cadet helmet to be worn during training weekends, as well as at Easter, summer and autumn camps.

Although the helmet is non-ballistic, they are designed to look like the Mk7 helmet worn by soldiers in the British Army. And while the helmets themselves are black, each one is issued with a disruptive, pattern camouflage helmet cover, similar to those worn in the British Army which are also manufactured by Wyedean and feature the word CADET woven in red. The helmets are supplied with waterproof bags intended to hold up to 20 helmets, which makes them easily transportable.

The helmets have a lifespan of up to three years and are certified to permit the cadet to wear the helmet during field craft, FIBUA and on obstacle courses.  The helmet is designed to be lightweight and comfortable and its design allows it to be worn with Amplivox ear defenders and/or the PRR radio headset.

Wyedean has worked with Cadets during the development of the helmet in particular looking at how it is designed to take one major impact and as a result deliberately has a weak link built into the chin strap. The chin strap will shear at the helmet joint if the cadet were to end up trapped by his or her neck or head. The helmet has gained a CE mark, and both the helmet and chin strap are registered designs. Before the cadet helmets went into bulk production, members of the Army Cadet Force were issued with helmets for trials which allowed any changes or amendments to be carefully considered. Once the final design was approved, bulk production commenced and the helmets were issued to each ACF unit.

You can see pictures of the helmet trials above. The Senior Cadre is “Training In Built Up Areas” (TIBUA), which is part of the new APC Fieldcraft Syllabus.

Wyedean is working with UK Cadets on the next generation helmet which will include improvements for both comfort and suitability. The Cadet helmet will still be non-ballistic.

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6 Comment(s)

james woods:
30/07/2017, 05:51:42 PM

good idea on helmet, stupid idea on putting cadet on it . it wont help with the camoflage tactical

wo 2 brownday:
03/08/2017, 07:38:46 PM

great idea on the helmet but the cradle that sits on the head is useless needs to be a 5 or 3 point connection rather than a 2 point it just rolls around on the head

25/08/2017, 08:18:03 PM

The current helmet is no good. It is uncomfortable and looks ridiculous. Get an Army issue helmet and copy the design - just make it out of different materials so it is lighter as it doesn't need to offer the same ballistic protection. Remove the word "cadet" from the cover. It is unnecessary. The helmet will rarely be worn in public so it serves no purpose.

Susannah Walbank:
31/08/2017, 10:05:19 AM

Thank you for your comments- The MKI helmet is no longer in production. There is currently a MKII helmet being developed. The MKII helmet includes a 4 point connection to give more stability and an improved cradle fitting. CADET is no longer embroidered in bright red. We have also included ventilation in the helmet for more comfort. The MKII is currently going through user trials, hopefully the improvements will be welcomed. The original design was taken from the army issue MK7 helmet.

06/03/2018, 10:23:53 AM

These helmets are awful. The issue of the MKII will also not be fast enough, given that most counties only brought in the MKI out of pressure from their Brigade HQ's. These helmets: -Frequently have the chin straps break at the attachment point, and this leads to them having to be fixed with cable ties. I wasn't aware that this was a massive issue, cadets dying because of their helmet straps. Surly a chin strap shouldn't be around the neck? It is a chin strap after all...? -Are not comfortable to wear for a long duration. The cradle digs in to your head. The leather part on the chin becomes covered in cam cream, and are not comfortable to wear. (An issue MK6A for example would be a lot more comfortable; I use this instead of the issue helmet) -The head strap system is ineffective. Cadets with heads that are too large or too small look ridiculous wearing these, and they then offer no protection. It seems like the cradle system/strap does not work with the helmet. -They are absolutely not universally compatible with the Amplify ear defenders. The saying is "Cadet FM" for a reason. You can barley hear anything with these helmets on, let alone when you have the ample box pressing your skull like a vice. But no, who ever needed to hear "STOP STOP STOP!", right??? And a PRR too? Surly this has to be a joke? We specifically issue plugs, and only plugs, when helmets are to be worn, because of this. -Do not provide any form of protection from significant injury. Yes, the strap breaks, but this is something that leads to units using cable ties to fix them. Why is the mark 7 not designed like this? Because it provides better protection??? Being designed to take 1 significant impact? Think about counties. Are they realistically going to buy a new helmet each time a cadet whacks their head on a window? -Have CADET on for no other reason than to make cadets look stupid. I can understand the logic behind such a decision and I agree with the principle, but when the helmet is camouflaged (which it should be) this is not visible. Also, when was the last time you saw a regular soldier using a rucksack that isn't big enough to fit a grain of rice in? I can understand the reasoning for such a helmet, providing protection for things such as TIBUA, which they do, all be it to limited effect. Putting "This does not provide protection" on the inside of the helmet hardly filled me with confidence when I first saw them. At least with a mark 6, which there are literally trailer loads of rotting away, you can be sure that your head will be protected. And yes, I understand that issuing cadets with helmets designed for regular soldiers would be stupid, and I am not suggesting that. The weight would be far too much for a 4ft tall 12 year old to wear. But, think about senior cadets, say 16-17. If they were at harrogate, they'd be wearing Virtus. I also appreciate that, reading the comments, there was talk of a version 2.0? I do hope that this will be quick, but I find the idea of re issuing helmets to counties to be a long process. These helmets, and the cadet issue equipment are almost universally mocked for being designed for 12 year olds that have just joined. People don't get the fact that they wont even be using this stuff as a basic/1 star, you dont actually have to do anything until 2 star, and asking some cadets on a CLC what they think of something is not a valid way to asses its viability. Cadets won't be honest. When I was trailing a potential issue boot, I said it was good because there were 3 officers that'd just given me a free pair of boots. Wearing a helmet is for protection. These helmets do not provide enough protection to justify wearing them.

29/03/2018, 11:27:00 PM

I have a lot of experience with the cadet helmet over the years using it and observing its proficiency and I can safely say I would rather ware anything else. My main problem with these helmets is how useless they are, the chin straps look like they have been ripped out of cars seat belt and placed on the helmet in the least secure way possible and frequently break (I once saw an intire section break or have there helmet straps break). Another major problem is the fact they have no protective capabilities whatsoever. They not able to stop anything at all and are more likely to cause problems as the straps are so badly designed that I have seen cadets strangled by them. Hell there not capable of stopping an slight kick as I have seen many times where cadets have either accidentally kicked them or purposely to get out of wearing them from frustration. I have also never gotten the fact of why it has to have “cadet” written on it as all it dose is stand out and make it look even stupider. Having used both the mark 6 and 7 I cannot see why the MOD or ACF doesn’t issue them to cadets as they have thousands of mark 6 laying around that can be used by the ACF to replace the Cadet helmet saving cost on replacement of chin straps And damage helmets while providing protection to the cadet. But that’s my opinion having used the cadet and mark 6 and 7 helmets and others may see it differently.

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